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Welcome to's Buylist
We pay you the same day we receive your cards! *This assumes that your buylist is mostly near mint items and in the same order as the acceptance email.

***All Cards should be in the same order as the check out screen and email sent. This should be alphabetically by set. Not the order submitted. ***


Here is a brief overview of how to sell your cards to GeeksMTG.COM: 

1.) You can use either the search box or browse cards by set to the left.  Once you find the card you are wishing to sell,  just add them to your cart. (Make sure you are in selling mode noted by the "You are currently browsing to sell us cards" above the buylist.

2.) To edit your sell list or checkout once you are finished click the "View Buylist / Submit" link in the cart summary. You can select payment in the form of company check, cash payment (in-store only) or store credit. Store Credit sales will recieve a 60% bonus! Just let us know if you would like credit. 

3.) Package the cards carefully and in the same order as the buylist. Make sure all cards are in MINT condition if wanting full value. Please don't individually sleeve cards. If you are sleeving your cards try to put 5 cards in a penny sleeve to save on weight and time. Rubberbands and card pages are NOT an acceptable way to package cards, as they typically get damaged in transit.

4.) Be sure to put you cards in a padded envelope or bubble mailer. We reccommend using tracking and insurance, as we cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items. 

5.) Once you submit your buylist, you can ship the cards to us immediately.  They will be processed the day they are received.

6.) When shipping your cards print out your list and include a note of which payment method you would prefer. (company check, GEEKSMTG.COM store credit, paypal or cash (in-store only)

7.) For collections over 500 unique cards, please submit multiple buylists. 

If you have any questions e-mail us at


*To sell a  large collection to us please email us at

**Card prices change very fast. All buy list items not received within one week of submitted date are subject to price changes.**



Foreign Cards (Magic):

We currently do not purchase foreign magic cards.


Bulk Rates (Magic):

Rares for $0.05

Commons/Uncommons, $3.00/1,000

Foil rares $0.10

Foil common, foil uncommon and foil basic lands $0.04

All bulk items must be arranged facing the same way and in "row"ed card boxes. No sloppy shoe boxes.

We offer an additional 30% to your total if choosing credit which can be used on anything including sealed product, preorders or anything else on our site.

***All Cards should be in the same order as the check out screen and email sent. This should be alphabetically by set. Not the order submitted. ***

Then send the collection to:

217 S. Anderson St
Tullahoma, TN 37388

If you don't want to go through your collection, we can sort through it for you at no charge. However it will extend the time it takes for you to receive payment.  Some collections may require as many as 4 staff members to go through (for collections over 20,000 cards not classified as bulk)

***If there are cards you can't find on our buylist, and you don't feel are bulk email us at We will get back to you as quickly as possible.***